What is Chimaera High (the comic) ?

Chimaera High is an interactive comic that depicts the life of second-year student Alice Whitering, in the eponymous magic academy.

Wait, “interactive” ?

Yes ! You, the readers, decide what path Alice follows. You have a question to ask Alice or a suggestion of what she should in the next page ? Just post a comment ! Alice will follow the best/common/interesting suggestions, to the best of her abilities.

What is the comic’s rating ?

The comic is rated R for occasional violence, gore and nudity.

What is Chimaera High (the school) ?

Chimaera High University of Magic teaches students how to use magic in many forms, starting with the ability to sense and manipulate magic to the more advanced classes of Cognitomancy (aka mind magic), Summoning, Golemancy, and overall shaping reality to one’s whim. In a world where most nobles are also powerful wizards, Chimaera High is a very prestigious school.

Why are all the characters female ?

In Aeterna, the people who can use magic are about 97% female. While there are many theories trying to explain it, like differences in biology or thought patterns, this phenomenon remains largely unexplained to this day.

Why is this a furry comic ?

Why not ? ^^

Can I discuss the comic in the comments ?

Certainly ! However, if your comment is supposed to start a long discussion with no immediate effect on the comic (like theory crafting), it is a better idea to make a forum post instead.

What happened to your old comic, Generation 17 ?

It has been discontinued. Many writing blunders aside, I changed as a person in the years I was making it, and ultimately this project didn’t reflect me anymore. You can find the comic archive here.

If you have another question, feel free to ask on our forums ! 🙂