Mar 22The future of Chimaera High


Dec 19Still on hiatus, sorry
Jun 23On hiatus until September
Feb 19Bump


Jun 25Enter the Library
Apr 4Convince Miss Kiyori
Feb 28In memory of Nox
Jan 23Don’t feel, think


Dec 17About Papa
Nov 20Magic armor and holiday plans
Sep 29Fetch the book
Aug 25Horrible thoughts
Aug 17Ethereal dust
Aug 10Discuss with Elsa
Jul 4Scream
Jun 29No dissing Papa
Jun 22Ask Amberhorn about the dreams
Jun 8Ponder
Jun 1Discuss spring break projects with Max
May 25Sit there and blush
May 18Cautiously approach the door
May 7Find a light source
May 1Endless void