Zophah says :Try to wake up.


You try to pinch yourself awake, but nothing happens.

Malagrim says :Slowly feeling along the floor for walls and objects might be productive. Possibly there might be sound to help discern your whereabouts?

Fraggingfox says :Let your eyes adjust to the darkness, feel around, what kind of ground are you standing on?


You slowly walk forward, one small step at a time, trying to feel around for walls.

You can feel some kind of flat and smooth surface under your feet, but there doesn’t appear to be walls or other solid objects. Your eyes still cannot discern any shapes out of the darkness, and by this point you’re pretty sure there’s nothing to see. The only sound around is your own heartbeat – even your steps are completely silent.

This place… doesn’t feel natural.

Jane Lon says :Call for Mommy.

Core says :Call out to anyone !


Despite your best efforts, no sound escapes your throat.

NixieSeal says :Light a match.

BlackmoreCrest says :Attempt to find light source.

Flafty says :Clap twice and call for lights.

You don’t have matches, but trying to find a source of light sounds like a good idea. You focus on the idea of light and silently clap your hands.


You didn’t really expect this to work – but a door opens slightly in the distance, bringing some light in the omnipresent darkness. Indistinct whispers escape from the opening, breaking the silence.