Chimasterkoga says :I have three spell suggestions for you : Leap, Feather Fall, and Spider Climb.

Zophah says :Is there any vitality or movement spells you could use? For example: Shadow Walk, Dimension Door, Celerity, etc.


Shadow Walk ? Dimension Door ? Those sound like very high level magic, something you would learn in fifth year or so. You’re only in second year, and your teachers have just started teaching you and your classmates actual spells. Your current spell repertoire is more “Matchstick” level.

Hey Ho Jimbo says :Examine pin up calendar that is hanging on the wardrobe door.


Cassie likes athletic guys, especially equines.

Raafkauw says :Wow, you two are really quite tidy for a pair of students. Want to tell us a bit about Cassandra? Briefly of course, or you’ll be to late at the library after all.

You have been rooming with Cassie since you arrived at Chimaera High last year. She is in fifth year, and as a member of the Hellfang family, studies to become a full fledged demon hunter. She is also known throughout the school for having abysmal luck and being accident-prone, after a teleportation incident last year.

After rooming with her for a year and a half, you’re convinced her “bad luck” is the result of carelessness and lack of attention to detail, rather than actual bad luck. You’re the “tidy” part of the pair, really.

Mark Temple says :Looks like you have an interesting roommate there. Does she always dress like that, or just when she is headed to/coming from her home?


Cassandra’s outfit is an altered version of the Hellfang demon hunters’ uniform, that she had custom made. The regular version covers much more, but Cassandra had parts of “limited usefulness” removed to make the armor lighter and “maximize freedom of movement”.

You can’t really argue with that logic : her armor does look like she could belly-dance in it. However, it’s a good thing magical armor doesn’t need to cover a body part to protect it, or Cassandra’s outfit would be quite useless.


“Hey Cassie”, you greet her as you get in. “You’re ready to go ?”


“Yep, I’m all set. I can’t wait to be home – my uncle Bryce is going to teach me how to use a crossbow !” Cassie is almost bouncing in glee. “What about you ? Did you finally decide to go back home ?”

“Um… no, actually, I was planning on using the holidays to work on my classes in advance. I have some work to do for the Spellweaving class and…


Cassandra interrupts you. “Wha-bu-da-WHAAAAT ?! Again ? Are you really going to spend another holiday holed up in here, working ?”

First Elsa, now Cassie. Why is everybody finding that so weird ? “I’m not only going to work – I’ll spend some time in the library reading too.”

Cassie rolls her eyes. “Yeah, knowing you, you’ll also help Yume rearranging the shelves “for fun” too. I know studying is very important to you, and that ending up first in your class again this year is your dream goal… But there’s a reason they put holidays in the school year, A. You need to spend time with your family and friends, out of school, or you’re gonna burn out. You’ve already spent freaking Winter Solstice here too ! When was the last time you saw your dad ?”