UPDATE : Turns out I’m even worse at planning than I thought. I’m currently working on the page, I’m hoping to have it updated within two weeks. Sorry ! >>

So… yeah, the image above says it all. I’m abysmal at planning and bit more than I could chew with Patreon rewards, which put some more work on top of my already existing backlog. Good job me.

I altered my Patreon rewards to be more manageable on my end, but I’m currently focusing on the aforementioned backlog and I have exactly 0 available time to work on Chimaera High. Rather than keeping you in the dark as I tend to do all too often, I placed CH in official hiatus status until September. By then my work situation will have stabilized and I’ll have time to work on the comic again.

I apologize for the delays in the comic. Thanks to you all for sticking with me despite everything, and I’ll see you in September ^^