Guest D says :Head inside the library and return your current book. After that, find a book on dreams. Probably browse through the different kinds until you come across one that’ll most likely help your situation.

Sounds like a plan.


As you enter the library, you take a long, deep breath.


Chimaera High’s library has been one of the largest repositories of knowledge in the country for three centuries… and it’s right within your reach at any time. All you have to do is march in here, whenever you want, and you can learn a little bit more about the world. This place contains every answer you’d ever need about anything.

Its old paper smell has always brought you a unique feeling of serenity.

Bitflipper says :Don’t. Destroy. Anything !


Destroy ? You’ve always been very careful with books, even before Miss Kiyori entrusted the whole library to you. You’re not one of those philistines who dog-ear pages, thank you very much.

Ariedren says :Who is Yume? Is she smart? Could she know things about dreams?


Yume is the… library assistant, you think is the best word to define her. She has been here for almost as long as the library existed. The word “smart” cannot really apply to her so asking her questions about dreams would be fruitless, but she’ll know exactly where dream-related books are located.

She’s not here, which probably means she’s sorting bookshelves. You put the (quite heavy) novel book on the counter so you don’t have to carry it around.

Brunhidden says :Do you know what kind of book would have useful information or are you just kind of flailing hoping you bump into the right one?


You move to the Basic Spellcasting section. The book you need for your Spellweaving project is about visualizing magic streams, so it should be right here. If it isn’t, then it will certainly be in the Natural Magic section.

The book on dreams will probably be located in the Psychology section upstairs. Since you’re not as familiar with that particular subject, you’ll certainly need Yume’s help to pinpoint the book that suits your needs best…


Ah ! Here is the Spellweaving book. “Magic Streams and Strands”, just what you needed.


“May this one help you, Miss Whitering ?”


You involuntarily jump away before your brain fully registers who the voice belongs to.

“Twins’ mercy, Yume !” you exclaim. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack ?”


Yume answers in her usual monotone voice. “This one apologizes for scaring you, Miss Whitering. This one assures you that causing cardiac arrest was not this one’s intention.”

You sigh. “No, of course you weren’t. Nevermind. Just, try not to touch me like that without warning next time, alright ?”

“This one understands. This one will avoid physical contact when you are unaware of this one’s presence. May this one ask the reason why you are present in the library after closing hours ?”