Jaxamar says :Who is that in the photo pinned on the board at your desk ? I can tell by the uniform that he is (or was) a fellow student.


He’s a friend of Cassandra. As you’re hurrying to the library, you try to remember his name. Cal ? Claude ? Clark ? Something like that. Cassie described him a cameo, whatever that means.

Helloworld says :Your father started dating again ? What happened to your mother ? Could you be feeling jealous about the new woman in your father’s life ?


Your mother had an… accident three years ago. You really don’t want to think about it right now.


You’ve read it’s normal for your Papa to start dating again after all this time, like it’s a normal part of moving on. But it still feels so… so wrong to you ! Why would your Papa ever want to look at other women, after twenty years of a happy marriage ?

Even worse – how dare those hussies look at your Papa, the best Papa on Aeterna, and even consider they could be anywhere close to good enough for him ? Especially so soon after his wife died ? Why would they think your Papa needs anyone… How could they even understand… This makes you feel so…




No no no nono no NO. Stop. This isn’t right. You force yourself to take a deep breath, and push the unpleasant thoughts away.

Inhale, exhale. Calm down. Don’t feel, think.

Inhale, exhale. This is the most frustrating part, really. It’s a perfectly normal thing for your Papa to do, so you feeling so angry about it makes no sense.


Inhale, exhale. Calm, smooth. One thing at a time. First, you should find some answers about your nightmares in the book on dreams you’ll check out.

Inhale, exhale. Then Professor Amberhorn will have the answers you need about that irrational anger. And about your nightmares, if needed.


Inhale, exhale. Yes. Calm. Smooth. It will all make sense in the end.

You take one last deep breath, your mind clear, and start going down the stairs again.

Guest D says :Your dad is dating someone ? Do you think THAT is why you’re having the nightmares ? But then again, the nightmares happened when you were a child… Some kind of hidden meaning to it maybe ? Like you feel like you’re a child again ? I dunno… Best to head to the library and find a book on dreams, just to be sure.

You started having those nightmares long before your Papa started dating again. You don’t know why you get them, or why you are a child again in them, or who the “woman” in them is. It’s complicated. Hopefully you’ll find a book on dreams that will give you a rational explanation.


Speaking of which – you’re arriving at the library’s doors, and it looks like you’re just in time. Miss Kiyori is about to close the doors for the evening !