Phlosioneer says :The very next thing you should do is remind yourself of the color-coding of the robes of the students and faculty.


Chimaera High provides uniforms for all students, who are required to wear them when on school grounds. For members of the Phoenix house like yourself, the uniform comprises a white shirt, a red skirt (or red shorts), white socks, black shoes and a red cape. The colors for the other houses are green for Dragon and blue for Kraken, respectively.

The staff doesn’t have to follow any dress code, and can wear whatever they want.

Adavi123 says :I think I know the meaning of the dream. You are a lesbian who is stuck in the closet! I mean think about it, you are in a dark lonely place which is obviously a closet. You see a man and woman having sex but you only see the female because that is the only one you are interested in!


No no no, you’ve got it all wrong. You’re not really interested in girls. Usually, you can see both the man and the woman, it’s just that this time Max woke you up halfway through the dream and-

Adavi123 says :It is either that or a repressed memory of you walking in on your dad having sex with a hooker when you were a child.



Let’s just be clear on one thing here : your Papa is a freaking saint. He and your mother were happily married for twenty years, and he never even considered cheating on her. Not once. Okay ? Good.

Yugijak says :You should go home and do a thorough overview of the nightmare, taking notes on all the details so you can choose SPECIFICALLY which ones you don’t want to mention, but so you can also have them on hand in case Professor Amberhorn needs them to help you.

You already did a lot, just by opening up (even a little) to Amberhorn. You’re normally all for thorough, objective analysis, but you really don’t want to think about the nightmares anymore, at least not today.

Divi says :It would probably be best that you take some time to relax, whether it be through reading, having tea or something else you enjoy doing. Rather than over think your actions and stress about tomorrow.

Zinc Awesome says :Leave it a day or two, so you can see if you find out anymore of what’s happening in your dream.

Eboreg says :Maybe now it’s time to go to the library.

Good idea. The library will close for the evening in half an hour ; you should have enough time to go back to your dorm and fetch the book you have to return, then browse the ones you need to check out. You’ll probably go and buy dinner afterwards, then get a good night of sleep.


You’ll decide tomorrow whether or not to go and see Amberhorn.