Gthefurrybiker says :Ask Miss Kiyori what she knows about dream interpretation. Working in a library, she may be read on the subject. You don’t have to tell her it’s for your dreams, say it’s for an essay.

While Miss Kiyori and you are on good terms (since you’re visiting the library so often), you feel that the fewer people knowing you have dream-related problems, the better. You’ll ask Yume instead, once you’re in. She’s not going to judge you.

Zzzzzx says :Get your foot in the door (figuratively).


As you catch your breath, Miss Kiyori gives you a slightly disapproving look. “You shouldn’t be running in the hallways, Alice. If Miss Howitzer catches you…”

You quickly apologize. “I’m sorry, Miss Kiyori. I don’t usually do this, it’s just- I needed to get in the library before it closed.”

“Oh dear. I’m afraid you’re too late, Alice. As you can see, I was about to leave for the evening. But you can always come back tomorrow morning.”

That won’t do at all. You are going to see Professor Amberhorn tomorrow morning, and you need to find at least some answers before that.

Shelby says :Explain to Miss Kiyori that you need to check out a book for a project over break.


“Please Miss Kiyori ? I have a book to return, and I need to check out another for a class project. It will only take a minute. Isn’t Yume still in ?”

“She always is, but you know I’m technically not allowed to leave a student alone with her, since she’s technically not staff. And I need to leave right now ; my Jessica is waiting for me. We’re celebrating our fifth anniversary tonight.”

You try not to sound disappointed. “Oh, I see. Congratulations !”

Mrfox11 says :Ask the librarian if you can borrow the key.


Here goes nothing.

“Do you think maybe I could borrow the key then, Miss Kiyori ? You know me, I’m not going to break anything while I’m in there, and Yume can lock the doors when I leave ?”

Miss Kiyori thinks for a second. “She’s not allowed to… But I suppose you’re right, Alice. Considering how much time you spend in here, you’re practically staff yourself.” She winks at you and hands you the library key. “I’ve already locked the other doors, so just make sure you lock this one when you leave. Then either leave the key at the Administration building’s front desk, or be here with it tomorrow at 7 sharp.”


“I will. Thank you !”

Miss Kiyori takes her leave. “Have a nice evening, Alice ! See you tomorrow.”

You wave her goodbye. “You too Miss Kiyori. Give my regards to your wife !”


You got the Library Key ! Thanks to your perfect timing, you can check out the books you need without delay !