Raafkauw says :Go stand behind the door so nobody will see you and try to make something of those whispers first.


You approach the door, making sure you stay out of sight of whatever is on the other side.

You can hear the whispers more clearly now, but they are wordless moans and sighs. As far as you can tell from the voices, there are two people in there. One of them is male and sounds familiar, the other one is female and sounds… weird. You can’t put your finger on what, but there’s definitely something abnormal with her voice.

Mr. Ookami says :Peek through the door and see if you recognize someone or if they look friendly.


You take a careful peek through the opening…


You see the woman on the bed – or at least, you see her back. This only lasts for a split second though –


– as you feel a sudden, sharp pain in your ribs and wake up with a yelp.


It appears you fell asleep in class. As you blink away the last remnants of sleep, you come to the uncomfortable realization that everyone is staring at you… including Professor Amberhorn.