Phlosioneer says :Stand up and shout “I’M A LITTLE TEA POT, SHORT AND STOUT !” And then quickly move for the exit while preparing a fireball as you leave.


As far as daring escapes go, this is a great plan ! Well, if it wasn’t for some little details, like how you can’t cast a fireball. Or how you’re in the middle of the room and you just don’t have the required athletic abilities to vault over desks and students to reach the exit. Or, you know, how lobbing a fireball into a classroom would hurt a lot of people, and earn you a nice little padded room in some asylum.

Before you can come up with a new plan, Professor Amberhorn speaks up.


“I am glad you’re back with us, miss Whitering. Now, do you think you can stay awake for the rest of the class ? Spring break is only ten minutes away, you will soon have all the time you need to take a nap.”

You hear a few snickers from your classmates, and you feel your cheeks flare up again.

Eboreg says :Apologize and blush.

Having the blushing part covered already, you quickly stammer an apology for falling asleep and disrupting the class. Fortunately, Amberhorn decides not to grill you any more. She accepts your apology and asks someone else about the meaning of trees in one’s psyche.

Able says :Quickly pass the blame to the person on your left.


What ? No ! Max has been your friend since you entered Chimaera High. You would never do something so underhanded to her. Even if your ribs still hurt from the sudden elbowing.

The hedgehog gives you a apologetic smile and, after quickly checking Amberhorn isn’t looking, whispers to you.

“You just had to make a fool of yourself on the last day, didn’t you ?”

“The last ten minutes.” You sigh. “It’s not my fault, I’ve just felt so tired recently. I’m not sure why. I mean, I sleep well enough, even with…”

“Even with the nightmares ?”

“Yes.” You avert your eyes.

Hamstap85 says :Begin taking notes on the experience you just had. Possibly you can ask someone about it later.


Oh, you don’t need to take notes, you know that nightmare all too well. You started having it some years ago, and it’s always the same. You’re lost in some kind of void, then you enter your father’s bedroom to see that… woman… doing unspeakable things to him. *shudder*

You shake your head to chase away the unpleasant thoughts, and quickly pop a piece of candy into your mouth to calm your nerves. Then you focus on what Professor Amberhorn is saying. Even if it’s for only ten more minutes, you’re here to learn.


Time flies fast, and the bell rings soon enough. The excited students scramble off their seats, gather their notes and hurry towards the exit. It’s finally spring break ! Well, for them anyway. You’re not going back home for the holiday, so there’s no need for you to hurry.