Ethan speaking here. There was a fire at my place on last Monday. My neighbor’s apartment caught fire in the night, and fortunately everyone was still awake so we could evacuate quickly.

Unfortunately, my cat Nox stayed behind in the panic, and died from smoke inhalation.

He was a great cat, very smart and affectionate. I miss him.

I’m currently dealing with the aftermath of the fire, namely getting I and my roommate a new place to live and waiting for the decontamination company to clean up the soot from our stuff. My Cintiq has been caught in the smoke, so I need to wait for it to be cleaned up to be back at 100% drawing capacity – my Bamboo tablet isn’t going to cut it.

I’m hoping Chimaera High will be back on track in the first half of March, once we move in the new apartment and I get my internet back.

Thanks for your comprehension.