Beka says :Who’s Elsa ? Introduce us !


Elsa has been a friend of yours for as long as you remember. You both entered Chimaera High at the same time, and luckily you ended up both in the Phoenix House.

Some of her quirks make you uncomfortable, like her peculiar interpretation of “personal space”… But at the same time, you can’t help but being envious of her. She is adventurous and confident and sexy, while you are the timid, boring bookworm. She’s been trying to “get you out of your shell”, as she says, for some time now. You sometimes wonder why she keeps trying.

Parry says :If you’ve opened up to Elsa about your dream already, why not ask her and Max if they’ve had any similar dreams.

You never told Elsa about the dreams. She’d probably dismiss them as “childish”, and/or suggest her usual “cure” for everything.

Thestooge :Ask her if she wants to build a snow man.


You break into a catchy, if somewhat repetitive musical number. You ask Elsa if she wants to build a snowman through the door of her room, where your parents locked her up. After giving her horrible advice for years, they leave and get predictably killed in a shipwreck. Elsa is now a psychologically broken, ticking time bomb, while you… errr…

Wait, no. Wrong Elsa.

Guest D says :Tell/complain to Elsa not to sneak up on you again. You JUST finished opening up about the dream to Amberhorn, do you really think you can take anymore stress right now ? :


“So, um. Could you… not jump on me like that ? You scared me.”

Elsa snickers. “I could tell ! But you know this is spring break, right ? You’re supposed to relax, for Twins’ sake.”

“I’m fine. Just overworked, I guess.”

“Tsk tsk. I’m concerned about you, you know. All work and no play makes Alice a dull girl ; you need to blow off steam sometimes. I bet you’re staying here to work on stuff during the holidays too ?”

There was a hint of reproach in that question… but you have nothing to be ashamed of. “Yes, I am. Why ?”

“Thought so. I have juuuuust the solution to your problems.”

You roll your eyes. “Let me guess, a partner ?”

“Oh dear no. You told me enough times how little time you have to invest in relationships, Alice.”

Well now, that‘s a surprise. Elsa has been trying to hook you up with various people, both boys and girls, for a while. Maybe she’s finally giving up on you ? You’re not sure whether to feel sad or relieved.

“What you need, sweetie, is a more casual fling. Just having a couple hours of fun here and there to work out pent up stress. And I just happen to know a well hung stallion who is also staying for the holidays, while his fuckbuddy is going home. I was gonna have fun with him myself, but you, girl, are in dire need of a nice, deep dicking.”


Raafkauw says :You could stay and chat a little while if you’re up for it, but from your expression it looks like you’re not. If that’s the case, tell her to keep it short, as you still have to return that book before the library closes.


Ew, gross. You step away from Elsa.

“No nono nono no no. I want my relationships to mean something. I’m really not interested in having… “casual flings”. I leave that kind of stuff to you. No offense.”

“None taken. You’re such a prude, darling.”

You quickly change the subject. “I, um… I really have to go, Elsa. I must return a book to the library.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll have to entertain my friend myself. I still need to ask you for a small favor before you go.”

This isn’t like Elsa to ask for favors. Well not from you, anyway. You decide to hear her out.

“You see, I need some ethereal dust. I could buy some at the Apothecary, but I’ve already spent all my allowance. I was hoping you could buy it for me, and I would pay you back next week.”