Malagrim says :To be fair to Elsa, even a fling can have deep meaning of its own. While not saying you should jump this random probably-too-much-for-you guy, there is no harm with more friendly than normal attachments developed. There are such things as friends with benefits.


Elsa didn’t even bother to tell you the guy’s name, she just presented him as a “well hung stallion” whose “fuckbuddy” was gone for the holidays. This tells you that this particular “friends with benefits” schtick would be more about “benefits” than “friends”, with you being a mere stand-in for the week.

While Elsa has no problem with mindless sex, you need it to have a deeper meaning.

Flafty says :What are those little candies you keep snacking on ?


They’re strawberry-flavored hard candy, your favorite. You buy them at the cafeteria regularly.

A Good-Looking Slav says :Tell us who/what “the Twins” Elsa mentioned are.


The Twin Goddesses, Cerulia and Viridia, watch over this universe and the hereafter. “Twins’ sake” is a common expression.

A Good-Looking Slav says :Elsa wants you to buy “ethereal dust” for her? Don’t be a drug mule Alice! If Elsa wants some PCP, she can get it herself!

Ethereal dust is not a drug, it’s a semi-material magical powder. It’s usually created from grinding magical plant roots, or as a byproduct of refining more potent ingredients. Ethereal dust is commonly used as an alchemy ingredient or as a spell component. You doubt Elsa would try to sniff it ; she would only get a bleeding nose.

Guest D says :If she’s never asked for a favor from you before then it seems a little odd that she’s doing it NOW. Ask her why she needs it first. If Elsa doesn’t tell you, then it’s probably not a good idea…


Elsa probably wants the dust for an alchemy project. You ask her, just to be sure.

She answers, “I need it to make a mixing test for the next Alchemy class. Nanase told me that mixing a Lux potion wrong makes a lot of colored smoke, and I’d rather not get an impromptu dye job during class.”

Flafty says :Do you have any money on hand?

You do have some school credits on you. The school gives the students a weekly allowance to buy lunch and other things, like the ethereal dust Elsa needs. Elsa must have been careless with her spending this week ; you’re confident she’ll give you the credits back on Monday.

Phlosioneer says :Tell her that’s fine, BUT it’s gunna have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. Too much to do in to little time. Focus on getting to the library, and on the meeting tomorrow.


While the Apothecary closes later than the Library, and so you’d probably have time to visit both today, you’d also rather not have to hurry. Running isn’t your strong suit. You ask Elsa if tomorrow is fine.

She quickly answers she needs the dust today for her experiment, because she has plans for tomorrow. You have a fairly good idea of what kind of plans she has, and you know it’s usually not a good idea to get between Elsa and her fun.

What will you do ?