Hey Ho Jimbo says :Talk to the teacher, explain that you can’t sleep because of the dreams and that is the reason you were sleeping in class. She’ll probably help you because students sleeping in her class won’t learn all the cool stuff she has to teach. And don’t worry, she probably already thinks you’re crazy, asking for help proves that you’re not.


Well sheesh, you make it sound like so appealing. Amberhorn thinks we’re crazy, let’s convince we’re not by telling her about the recurring nightmares !

Blackmorecrest says :Ask Professor Amberhorn about your Dreams, that seems like both a smart and sound thing to do, best do it as soon as possible too, those dreams might get a bit… messed up.


It’s true that the nightmares are getting more annoying recently. Not much because they get “messed up”, but because for some reason they’re growing more frequent, and they’re starting to impact your sleep significantly. This was the only time you ever fell asleep in class, and you’d rather not have it happen again.

Of course, there’s still the problem of telling someone else about something so… personal. You never told even Max about what you’re dreaming about, just that you have nightmares sometimes. You’d rather not tell Amberhorn about the embarrassing details. Even if she doesn’t think you’re crazy, it would be like being naked in front of her, you know ?

Raafkauw says :Well, since you’re already going to the library, you might as well see if there’s any books on dream interpretation. You can always ask a teacher later, if you’re really not getting anywhere.


Now this is a good idea ! Chimaera High has one of the biggest libraries in the world, you should have no problem finding books on recurring dreams. One week should be more than enough to understand yours. If you fail, then you will ask Amberhorn for help.

Guest D says :Ask yourself this: Do you REALLY want to find out about your dreams and figure out what to do ? Or would you rather be kept in the dark ?


No, no, it’s alright. You’ll just do some research on your own and-

Kyle says :Swallow your fear and pride, ask Professor Amberhorn about your dreams. You need to learn about them.


No really-

Phlosioneer says :Seconded.

Eboreg says :Thirded.

Loal says :Fourthed.


Alright, alright ! Fine ! You guys can be so bossy sometimes…