Flafty says :Take a peek at Max’s “notes” and see if you missed anything important.


You take a quick peek at Max’s notes before she puts them away. As usual, she will probably ask for your notes later.

Hey Ho jimbo says :Grab boyfriend/crush and return to your dorm room with him.

Wizards are overwhelmingly female, as males who can use magic are very rare. That means there are maybe 1 male student for every 50 female students in Chimaera High. And that means, if you were looking for a boyfriend, you’d have to compete with girls who are ten times more interesting and prettier than you.

Of course, this is kind of a moot point since you don’t have any time for a relationship. Your studies come first.

ironwolfqueen says :Meet up with your other friends and see whats happening with the first day of the break ! ^_^


The few people you are on friendly terms with are Max, your roommate Cassandra, and Elsa, a saber-tooth tiger you’ve known since before entering Chimaera High. Well, you’re not that close to Elsa really, but she tolerates your presence. Kinda. It’s complicated.

You’re pretty sure Max and Cassandra go home for the holidays. Elsa probably plans on spending quality time (lots of it) with whoever is her current lover.

Sofox says :Suggest Max do something crazy for Spring Break, like dye her hair blue and go running around the place stark naked.

Max already dyes her hair, and the second part isn’t even that crazy by her standards. She did something similar a few months ago on a dare – her whole Stormball team had a practice session while wearing only their harnesses !


Let’s not give her ideas.

Legacy says :Ask Max what she will be doing over spring break.


Max makes a face, and answers that she’s going home. Two weeks ago, her mother told her that she had met this wonderful young fellow, and that Max should absolutely meet him too, maybe they will become friends, hint hint nudge.

As usual, he’ll turn out to be a conceited, self-centered son of whatever noble who wants to marry into the prestigious Sunblade family, and Max will spend the rest of the holidays resisting the urge to punch him in the face.

The only silver lining is that Max delayed the meeting for a day, so she’ll only have to go back home tomorrow. The roads are going to be packed full tonight, and she’d rather not spend hours stuck in traffic to start already crappy holidays.

Max returns the question : what are your plans ?

Guest D says :Make a list of what you plan to do for the break, then check them off as you go along. Having spring (or summer) goals might help you out. Prioritize what needs to be done first and write down as many as you can. It helps to be prepared in the long run.

You’re just staying here, you answer. You will have all the time you need to read ahead for your classes, and to prepare your paper for the next Spell Weaving class.

Which reminds you, you need to go to the library to return a book, and check out the one you need for your paper.

Max laughs – Alice Whitering, forever the bookworm ! She would accompany you, but since so many books surrounding her is bound to cause an allergic reaction, she will go and throw some balls instead. She will probably be alone on the Stormball field because of the spring break, but hey, that will let her blow some steam before having to go home tomorrow. You’re free to join her after you go to the… ugh… library, she adds with an over-the-top shudder.

You roll your eyes and smile at Max’s antics, and answer you’ll think about it.

Eboreg says :Try to talk to a teacher who knows something about dream interpretation. If you’ve been getting this dream constantly, then it probably means something.


Well Professor Amberhorn teaches the Psychology and Mind Magic classes, so she’d probably be the right person to ask. You’re not sure you really want to, however. It feels… personal, you know ? You don’t want her to think you’re crazy or something. Especially not after you made a fool of yourself in her class…