Renadt says :Perhaps, if you are not a virgin, possibly have a friendly “stress relief session” with Elsa (if you both swing that way) or a boy you do know and like.


Elsa sees you suddenly seize up, and asks if you’re alright.

You answer you’re perfectly fine. You totally didn’t have an horrible thought and even you did it was completely unrelated to the present situation or discussion. Just peachy. *twitch*

Lehrer Fan says :Given how Elsa always sneaks up on you, she seems like a prankster. You sure she’s going to use the dust for an alchemy experiment and not to give someone else an “impromptu dye job”? If it is a prank, it might get you in trouble.

While Elsa does sometimes pulls pranks on people, she would never try to deflect the blame to someone else. She would be more likely to brag, really. You doubt she regrets anything she ever did in her life – she’s proud of everything she is and everything she does.

Lehrer Fansays :What’s up with Elsa’s teeth by the way? Are they supposed to stick out of her mouth like that or did she miss an appointment with her dentist?


It’s not unusual for saber-toothed cats to get their large canines sized down. According to Elsa however, her smile is her second best asset, and it wouldn’t be half as good with itsy bitsy run-of-the-mill herbivore teeth. Sometimes you wonder how she manages to kiss her lovers without those massive chompers getting in the way – but it would be rude to ask.

Adavi123 says :I’m sorry to put more worries on your mind but I think maybe you should cut back on the sweets. You’re looking kinda chubby.

There’s no need to point this out – you are well aware of your… excess baggage. Especially when you’re around Elsa, who could probably be a model if she wanted to. But really, you’ve been like that for a long time now, that’s just how you are, and you’ll get way further in life by taking care of your brain rather than your body. You’ll probably learn a spell to get rid of fat someday.

Long story short, a bit of hard candy here and there is not going to make any significant difference. If anything, walking across the campus and climbing stairs daily is enough exercise to burn that little extra sugar.

Driagledd says :You could always just give her the money instead of getting the dust yourself, then she gets the dust today and you aren’t late returning the book.

Good idea ! This way you won’t have to run. Well, you might have to hurry a bit to go to your dorm and bring back the book to the library, but at least then you won’t have to hurry to go to the Apothecary, which is at the other end of the campus. Efficiency !


After asking Elsa how much the dust costs, you reach into your cape and take a handful of credits out. You quickly count the right amount and give it to her. She takes the coins and smiles at you.

“Thanks sugarplum, you’re a lifesaver. I’ll pay you back on Monday. Since you’re not interested in doing the Cerberus dance with my friend,” she adds mischievously while you rolls your eyes, “I’ll guess I’ll just have to find another gift for you. Ta-tah !”


After blowing you a mock kiss, Elsa leaves with a spring in her step, and you can’t help but smile a little. Even if she can be a bit… exhausting sometimes, helping your friend felt nice. You just hope her “gift” won’t be a sex toy.